Everything on Phil Spencer’s Shelf Meant Something, Including the Switch, Journalist Says

Additionally, it seems like we’ll be hearing more about that later this year.

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been known to hide teases of major reveals and announcements in plain sight, and he tends to do that most frequently by putting stuff on shelves behind him during livestreams and videos. For instance, his shelf had an Xbox Series S in many livestreams several weeks before the console was even unveiled. Most recently, fans spotted everything from Kojima Productions’ Ludens figure to a Nintendo Switch on Spencer’s shelf, leading many to speculate that those could also be hinting at future announcements.

Recent developments have suggested that at least one of those indeed going to happen, with Microsoft apparently on the verge of finishing a deal with Hideo Kojima for his next game. According to GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, however, it’s not just the Ludens figure- in a recent GamesBeat Decides podcast, he said that pretty much everything on Spencer’s shelf means something. And that includes the Switch as well.

On top of this, known insider Shpeshal_Ed also took to Twitter not long after Grubb said that, and added that “the cat seems to be out of the bag” where the Nintendo and Xbox news is confirmed, before stating that more information on this will be arriving in the Fall. Whether that’s something like xCloud coming to the Switch, ports of Microsoft games on the Nintendo platform, or something else entirely remains to be seen.

Of course, if everything on the shelf does mean something, perhaps it’s time to get our magnifying glasses out and start analyzing said shelf in even greater detail.

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