Evil Dead: The Game – New Gameplay Showcases Survivor and Demon Playstyles

evil dead the game

Game Informer has some new footage for Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game, showcasing gameplay for both the Survivor and Demon roles. While the former is focused on completing objectives in the sandbox environment to banish the evil beings, the Kandarian Demon is all about stopping them through any means necessary.

On the Survivor side, you have multiple incarnations of Ash Williams, Scotty, Ed Getley and many other characters to choose from. Each is categorized into different roles like Leader, Hunter, Warrior and Support with different abilities. Henry the Red, for instance, can temporarily prevent damage to his health and shield while Evil Dead 2’s Ash exorcises the Demon from a Survivor or unit. Skills and stats can be leveled up throughout a match.

Meanwhile, the Kandarian Demons have the Warlord, Puppeteer and Necromancer roles. The Warlord is primarily showcased and as one gathers Infernal Energy, they can unlock more deadly Demons like Henrietta. Otherwise, possessing cars, roots and other things to take down the Survivors is key.

Evil Dead: The Game is out on May 13th for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (which is exclusive to the Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch.

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