F1 2021 Frame Rate Comparison – PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC

F1 2021_08

F1 2021 is the series debut game on the next-gen machines, and the game seems to be making great use of the extra horsepower to deliver some great results. Check out our video below to see all F1 2021 on PC and current-gen consoles stacked against one another.

We tested F1 2021‘s Quality mode on consoles, which target a resolution of 4K and a frame rate of 60 fps. Both consoles did a great job at holding on to the framerates, with frame-rate drops being almost non-existent. The PC version of the game has a bunch of options that can be tweaked to get the desired performance or visual fidelity – depending on the hardware, of course.

Rest assured, F1 2021 is a solid experience on all the tested platforms. While we haven’t tested the 1440p 120 fps performance mode, the quality mode seems to  be a great balance between visual fidelity and smooth performance for now. To read more about the game, check out our review of the game through here.

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