Fable Lands Lead Writer With Anna Megill, Senior Writer On Remedy’s Control

The mysterious reboot gets a new addition in a prime position


It was announced earlier this year that Microsoft’s oddball series, Fable, would be returning in some form. What form that is actually taking is still something of a mystery, however, as there’s been a swirl of contradicting rumors and little official information outside a few vague statements to be a guiding light to what this thing is actually going to be. It does have a lot of talent behind it, though, from a lot of different places. Today it seems they added one more in a key spot, too.

On her own Twitter, Anna Megill announced that she had landed the Lead Writer position on the project. Megill has been in the industry on various projects for nearly two decades. Her most recent work that many will no doubt know was, however, the acclaimed Control from Remedy Entertainment. She’ll start her new position next year.

Fable, as of now, has no kind of official time table but it’s planned to come to Xbox Series X/S and PC at some point in the future.

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