Factorio Version 1.1 is Now Live, Adds Blueprint Flip and New Train GUI

Spidertrons can also follow entities, like other Spidertrons.

Factorio 1.1

Addictive factory builder Factorio finally released out of early access last August after four years but Wube Software continues to update it. Version 1.1 of the title is now available and adds some much needed quality of life features and changes. The most significant new addition is Blueprint Flip, which allows players to flip a complete design and copy it.

Though the development team decided against it for a long time – due to problems that could arise with non-flippable entities – it managed to resolve this. Now, any blueprint parts that can’t be flipped simply won’t be. Other new features include improvements to Spidertron control. They can even follow certain entities, including Spidertrons, making it much easier to manage your army of mechanical creepy crawlies.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the development team also revamped the GUI for trains. There are now two tabs to follow – Trains, which lists all trains by schedule, and Stations, which lists all train stops by name – allowing players to more easily manage the same. For more details on how it works, head here.

Factorio is currently available for PC.

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