Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Season 6 Features 5 New Rounds, Pipe Dream Detailed

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout - Season 6_02

The newest season for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout goes live tomorrow with Season 6: Party Spectacular. Festivals are the core theme and there are five new Rounds for players to jump into. In a recent PlayStation Blog post, junior designer Sam Pickard talks about one of the new Rounds, Pipe Dream.

Initially meant to be a Final Round, Pipe Dream is all about pipes that vacuum players in before depositing them into various maze structures. Junior designer Max Boyle, who created Lily Leapers and Gate Crash among other Rounds, originally came up with the idea and it was all about choosing the best route to the end. Following playtests, the racing element was removed and a focus on random mystery was provided instead.

Pickard also provides a few tips for the Round, noting that the pipe’s pathways change every time it’s loaded up. As such, it’s advised to get a head start on the competition and examining the different mini-arenas to properly conquer the Round. Furthermore, once you’re ejected from a pipe, you can dive in mid-air and obtain a bit more distance.

Stay tuned for more details on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Season 6 when it goes live tomorrow for PS4 and PC.

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