Far Cry 6’s Cockfighting Minigame Removal Demanded By Animal Rights Group PETA

far cry 6

A recent statement from PETA Latino has urged the removal of a cockfighting minigame from Ubisoft’s latest release. Far Cry 6 features a Mortal Kombat-esque cockfighting minigame, which goes against PETA’s goal of saving animals from cruelty around the globe, the group claims.

The statement asks for immediate removal of the minigame, as the cockfighting game is illegal in today’s day and age. It also mentions that roosters are fitted with “sharp spurs that tear through flesh and bone”, which of course results in an injury.

While PETA is undoubtedly correct about the legalities of cockfighting, this isn’t the first time this medium has faced such issues, sadly. Games are no stranger to being accused of promoting violence – for instance, it seems every Grand Theft Auto release is accompanied by a litany of lawsuits. While the Far Cry situation is a bit different, it remains to be seen how the whole ordeal shapes up.

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