FIFA 21 Guide – How to Get Started in Ultimate Team

FUT can be a labyrinth of cards, coins and chemistry – here’s what to know when starting out.

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FIFA 21 is out and about but despite the changes made to the core game, it’s Ultimate Team mode where most of the interest will be. What makes this year’s FUT different? For that matter, if you’re getting into the franchise for the first time, what should you know before jumping in?

FUT is essentially a mode where players can build their dream team of football players to compete in matches and earn prizes. That’s the gist of it. Building this team means acquiring different player cards, upgrading them, competing in Squad Battles, working the transfer market for getting better players and much more. The mode is a pretty big money-maker for EA due to the RNG nature of card packs but you can also earn them in-game.

First off, think about the kind of team you want to create. It could be a well-rounded squad or simply an all-star line-up of your favorite players. Naturally, work with what’s available and then head into Squad Battles against AI opponents. Keep tuning the difficulty as you play and looking for weak areas on your team. More coins are doled out at higher difficulties so keep that in mind. Once you’re comfortable enough, try taking part in Division Rivals and FUT Champions each week.

Working the market also becomes essential as you acquire more duplicate cards. Cards can be sold quickly for easy coins but you might want to keep track of current trends and hold on to a few to fetch a better price later. Check out our guide for tips on the FUT market here. Of course, you can also acquire players in packs with coins. While spending real money on these or coins is an option, both can be earned by simply completing different squad-building challenges, ranking up and so on. And if you have the coin, it’s better to look for a specific card in the market and purchase it rather than wasting it on card packs (especially with the drop rate that Gold and Premium Packs provide).

A new feature with FUT this year are the community events. The global pool of players chooses a side, like Chelsea or Liverpool, and then plays the game as per normal. Winning matches and performing well will earn XP towards one’s respective team. Earn enough XP to reach a tier and your side will unlock rewards. While not the most efficient way to earn coins and the like, it’s still an easy way to earn rewards.

One aspect you’ll want to keep an eye on is chemistry, which is measured in points. 100 points is the highest score and means that your team is performing at their peak level. Chemistry can be affected if a player isn’t doing well or not being played in their main role. Always keep chemistry in mind – it can often be the difference between winning and losing.

To that end, make sure to use FUT Icons whenever the chance arises despite how expensive they can be. There are 100 Icons overall with newer additions like Eric Cantona, Ashley Cole, Xavi and much more added this year. The biggest benefit to having an Icon in your team, besides their stats, is their easy chemistry. Again, they’re difficult to find and even fetch a good price on the market but well worth the waiting.

For even more details and tips on getting started, check out the extensive guide below by MattHDGamer.

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