FIFA 21 Guide – How to Grind Loyalty and All Skill Moves

Improve chemistry between players with these tips.

fifa 21

The FIFA Ultimate Team grind never ends and so we’re here again with FIFA 21. With all the work needed to create a strong team, chemistry becomes important. Building up chemistry takes work but you can further supplement it with Loyalty. The most straightforward method is to venture into Squad Battles and face the AI. While it does take some time, setting the difficulty lower will help and provides some Coins in the process.

A quicker way is to start Squad Battles and forfeit right after the game starts. This will add a loss to your record but also provide an extra game played which goes towards one’s Loyalty. It’s a cheesy method but works.

How to Perform All Skill Moves

Skill Moves become necessary when trying to get a leg up on the competition, both figuratively and literally. To that end, here are all of the skills in FIFA 21 and how to perform them.

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