FIFA 22 Guide – How to Perform All Skill Moves, and Items That Carry Over From FIFA 21

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While it’s always nice to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponents in FIFA 22, sometimes you just want to style on ’em. Skill Moves are especially useful in this regard and performed with different input buttons. Like last year, they’re broken up into different star categories, from 1 star to 5 stars depending on their complexity and difficulty to execute. There are over 120 Skill Moves in total so check out NIELZEN’s guide below via YouTube for details on how to execute all of them.

Here are all of the different Skill Moves based on their star ratings:

1 Star Skill Moves

  • Ball Juggle (Standing)
  • Bridge Skill
  • Setup Touch
  • Fake Shot Variation
  • Dummy Fake Shot (Standing)
  • Agile Dribble
  • Cruyff Turn
  • Flick Up For Volley
  • Fake Shot
  • Open Up Fake Shot
  • Fake Shot Stop
  • Dummy
  • Fancy Sombrero Flick
  • Strafe Dribble
  • Directional Nutmeg

2 Star Skill Moves

  • Reverse Stepover
  • Stepover
  • Drag Back
  • Drag Back Exit
  • Feint Forward And Turn
  • Body Feint
  • Ball Roll

3 Star Skill Moves

  • Heel To Heel
  • Lateral Heel To Heel
  • Heel Flick
  • Heel Chop (Running)
  • Feint and Exit
  • Roulette

4 Star Skill Moves

  • Stop and Turn (Berbatov Spin)
  • Ball Roll Chop
  • Ball Roll Cut (Standing)
  • Simple Rainbow Flick
  • The Spin
  • Flair Roulette
  • Drag To Drag
  • Double Touch Spin (Standing)
  • Fake Pass (Standing)
  • Drag Back Spin
  • Ball Hop (Standing)
  • Heel To Heel Flick
  • Four Touch Turn
  • Skilled Bridge
  • Three Touch Roulette
  • Neymar Stepover Exit (Standing)
  • Scoop Turn (Standing)
  • Fancy Flick Up (Standing)
  • Running Flick Up
  • Fake Pass Exit (Standing)
  • Quick Ball Rolls (Standing)
  • Drag To Heel
  • La Croqueta

5 Star Skill Moves

  • First Time Spin
  • Alternative Elastico Chop
  • Fancy Drag Back (Standing)
  • Waka Waka
  • Running Scoop Turn
  • Advanced Rainbow Flick
  • Ball Roll and Flick
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Elastico Chop
  • Heel Flick Turn
  • Scoop Turn Fake
  • Double Touch Exit (Standing)
  • Alternative Double Touch Exit (Standing)
  • Ball Roll Fake Turn
  • Okocha Sombrero Flick
  • Elastico
  • Reverse Elastico
  • Triple Elastico
  • Drag Back Sombrero Flick
  • Laces Flick Up (Standing)
  • Malouda Flick Up (Standing)
  • Sombrero Flick (Standing)
  • Turn and Spin (McGeady Spin)
  • Spin Flick (Bolasie Flick)
  • El Tornado
  • Ball Roll Fake (Standing)
  • Running Okocha Sombrero Flick
  • Drag Back Fake
  • Rabona Fake (Jogging)
  • Ball Roll Sombrero Flick

5 Star Skill Moves (Juggling)

  • Around The World
  • Reverse Toe Bounce
  • Neymar Rainbow Flick
  • Chest Flick
  • In Air Rainbow Flick
  • Lemmens Around The World
  • Sombrero Flick Backwards
  • T. Around The World
  • Reverse In Air Elastico
  • In Air Elastico
  • Flick Up For Volley

Remember though – you don’t need to memorize every single one of these. Pick a few that work best for you and your playstyle, but don’t forget to mix it up every now and then to keep your opponents guessing.

All Items That Carry Over From FIFA 21 to 22

If you’ve played enough FIFA 21, then you’ll be able to carry over FUT items and other things like FIFA Points into FIFA 22. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include Cards, Coins, any packs that are unopened, your match history, FUT Club data, Achievements/Trophies or Career progress. Players, managers, and contracts also won’t carry over, and neither will unassigned items.

First things first, load up FIFA 22 on your platform of choice, which should be the same platform where you’ve played FIFA 21. You’ll be informed that your data can be carried over and to confirm the same. Data can’t be carried over between different platforms, so no transferring from Xbox to PlayStation. This also applies when trying to play on PC and then moving over to Xbox or PlayStation so keep that in mind.

FIFA 22 is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC (with a Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch). Check out our review for it here.

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