FIFA 22 Will Let You Watch Your Team’s Reactions Instead of Opponent Celebrations After Conceding a Goal

fifa 22

Ever conceded a goal in a FIFA game and grumbled at your screen as you’re forced to watch your opponents celebrate? Of course you have. Well, good news is, FIFA 22 is changing things up in that department, so that you may instead watch the sad looks on your team’s faces instead of the happy faces of your opponents.

In a recent deep dive talking about the changes being being made to Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, EA Sports confirmed that FIFA 22 will introduce the new Celebration Camera Focus settings. These will allow you to focus on the reactions of your team upon conceding a goal instead of having to watch your opponents’ celebrations.

“Conceding a goal is always heartbreaking, especially in a closely fought match,” EA Sports writes. “While celebrations are an important part of real world football, we know watching them can be a frustrating experience for some players.”

By default, the camera will always focus on goal celebrations, but you can change the setting to focus on your team’s reactions instead. This feature will be available not just in FUT, but in all modes of the game.

Of course, FIFA 22 is making more than just these granular changes, which EA Sports has been detailing regularly of late. In addition to the aforementioned FUT changes, FIFA 22 is also changing up the on-pitch gameplay in significant ways, implementing some much-needed Career mode reworking, and even rethinking some crucial elements of Player Career mode.

FIFA 22 launches on October 1 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. Nintendo Switch will once again get a Legacy Edition release of the game.

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