Final Fantasy 14 – Patch 6.3 Arrives in January 2023, Adds New Quests and Raids

Final Fantasy 14

Square Enix’s development team for Final Fantasy 14 unveiled the next major update coming to the MMO with patch 6.3. Launching in January 2023, “Gods Revels, Lands Tremble” features new main scenario quests for the Warrior of Light’s story and new side story quests for Tartaru’s Grand Endeavour. A new eight-player Trial is also coming, available in Normal and Extreme.

An Unreal Trial, which sees players fighting Sophia in Containment Bay P1T6, is also on the cards. Raiders can partake in a new Ultimate Raid against a “fearsome enemy” while a new 24-Player Alliance Raid, “Myths of the Realm: Euphrosyne,” also awaits. Finally, Lapis Manalis is the location for the next Dungeon.

The Duty Support system will also be available for the remaining main scenario dungeons in Heavensward, allowing one to recruit NPC allies to complete them. A new Crystalline Conflict map, custom deliveries and treasure hunt dungeon are also coming.

As for patch 6.35, which arrives later, there will be a new Deep Dungeon “Eureka Orthos,” more Hildibrand Adventures, updates to the Island Sanctuary, and much more. Stay tuned for further details in the meantime.

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