Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Includes Special Dungeons and Battles

Players can assemble a dream team of sorts and battle tough foes.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis_02

Final Fantasy 7 fans have quite a bit to look forward to in the coming years between Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis and Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. Creative director Tetsuya Nomura provided new details on Ever Crisis when speaking to Famitsu, like how all of its chapters would be free. Gematsu’s translation has revealed even more including what new content can be expected.

First up, there will be special weapons that have original costume sets, which probably ties into the game’s gacha system. While Final Fantasy 7’s story takes place over 10 chapters, the escape from Midgar will be in Chapter 3. The First Soldier will also have an original episode as characters, including Shinra officers, make an appearance in younger form.

“Special” dungeons and battles will be available as well but these exist outside of the story. This means that players can create a dream team of sorts and fight against tougher foes. Sephiroth and Cloud on the same team perhaps? It could happen. Fans can also expect music to be arranged based on the original release. Nomura also acknowledged “requests to play each title [in the Final Fantasy 7 compilation] on consoles.” However, he said that, “Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is not meant to be a substitute for that, but it is designed with the concept to allow anyone to freely embrace the world of each title of Final Fantasy 7.”

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is in development for iOS and Android, and set to release in 2022. Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier is out for the same platforms this year with a closed beta planned.

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