Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets First Update Out Of Nowhere

And it doesn’t seem to do much.

final fantasy 7 remake

Earlier this year, we got the first part in what is slated to be a multi-entry remake series of Final Fantasy 7. By and large, the game was well received, even if some fans had mixed feelings about the direction the game’s climax went. It was a huge success for Square Enix, too. Today, out of nowhere, we also got the first update for the game, though don’t expect a lot.

From a graphical and technical standpoint, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was pretty stellar, though there were a few issues, especially with some of the texture work. Some had hoped some of that could be patched up. Well, update 1.01 is live now, dropped with no announcement or fanfare. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to address any of the above, as the patch notes only refer to bug fixes and those who have played the game post-patch have not reported seeing any major differences. It’s a bit of a shame, but the graphical issues were always quite minor anyway.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available now on the PlayStation 4. The second part has been confirmed to be in development.

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