Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will be Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers in March – Rumour

The acclaimed remake could be in the next batch of free PS Plus games.

final fantasy 7 remake

Sony tends to give away some really good games for free on a monthly basis to PlayStation Plus subscribers, and it’s possible that one of the games they’re going to give away in March will be an absolute megaton. Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it seems, is going to be that game.

Several people seem to be claiming the same. Xbox Era insider Shpeshal Ed recently said so on Twitter. Meanwhile, insider KatharsisT, who has been on the forefront of most Silent Hill and Bluepoint Games-related leaks over the last year, also corroborates it. On top of that, ResetEra moderators ghostcrew and Quinton are also stating that this indeed is correct information.

Of course, it’s always best to take insider leaks with a grain of salt, but given how many people are corroborating the same information, there’s a pretty good chance that this ends up being true. Either way, we’ll one one way or another soon enough.

Recent reports have also indicated that Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be getting a PS5 upgrade soon. The game’s PlayStation exclusivity is also ending in April, so many are hoping for PC and Xbox announcements as well. Meanwhile, a sequel is currently in the works.

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