Final Fantasy Origin Has Multiple Difficulties, the “Most Violent” Game in Series Yet – Rumor

Insider Navtra reports that the Nioh DNA “is there” but that the PS5 exclusive is “mostly its own beast with very different systems and pace.”

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Details continue to leak for Final Fantasy Origin, the supposed Souls-like spin-off developed by Team Ninja exclusively for PS5. Following reports of the game being Nioh-inspired, insider Navtra revealed on ResetEra that “The Nioh DNA is there” but that fans shouldn’t expect a Nioh 3 or Nioh with Final Fantasy’s skin.

The game will reportedly be easier to get into and, as per Navtra, has “multiple difficulties.” After being asked whether the production values and graphics would be on the level of a Final Fantasy game, she said, “I would temper my expectations in this regard.” This is following her comments on the title not being “high-end” and more comparable to NieR: Automata.

She further dispelled any notions of this being a bright and cheery adventure. “It is dark. The darkest and most violent Final Fantasy ever got.” Interestingly, when asked if the gore was on the same level as Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden 2 – which has dismemberment galore – the insider replied, “Kinda!” Time will tell just how gruesome it really is.

Final Fantasy Origin (if that’s what it’s really called) will be revealed soon, most likely at E3 2021, with a demo coming this Summer. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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