Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Out in Spring 2023

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Square Enix has officially announced that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will launch in Spring 2023 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, following the ESRB’s rating. The series features remasters for Final Fantasy 1-6, and was first released for PC, iOS and Android last year (though Final Fantasy 6 arrived in February 2022).

Along with selling them standalone and as a digital or physical bundle, fans can also pick up the Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remaster -FF35th Anniversary Edition- via the Square Enix Store. It includes a physical version of Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remaster Collection, an Anniversary Edition goods box, and a two-disc vinyl record set with newly arranged music and artwork by Kazuko Shibuya. It also has an art book, eight pixel art character figures, and a lenticular sleeve. It’s available in limited quantities for $259.99.

In addition to revamped 2D visuals, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster features rearranged soundtracks, a modernized UI, auto-battle options, bestiaries, and more. Final Fantasy 6 features an updated opera scene with new visuals and vocals in seven different languages. Stay tuned for more details on a release date for the collection.

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