Former Battlefield Devs Criticize Battlefield 2042, Question Quality Control

battlefield 2042

It is not a shocker when people say that DICE’s Battlefield 2042 has been quite a disappointment. While the developers are working to fix the shortcomings the game has, which are plentiful, the player base has been very vocal in expressing its disappointment in the game. Not only players, but ex-developers of the series have been also vocal about DICE’s latest outing.

As spotted by MP1st, through a series of tweets, ex-Battlefield: Bad Company 2 lead designer David Goldfarb – who is currently leading The Outsiders and developing Metal: Hellsinger – talked about Battlefield 2042, questioning certain design decisions and choices, while also questioning the game’s quality control.

David Goldfarb wasn’t the only one who has been vocal about this, as Jaqub Ajmal, a former producer at DICE who has previously worked on multiple Battlefield games up until Battlefield 5, has also shared his views on Battlefield 2042, explaining his disappointment with the way the weekly missions have been designed to leverage FOMO, while also explaining how this can be fixed.

Clearly, the game is not really in a good place. As of now, season one of the shooter has been delayed to early summer, while the long-requested scorecard feature is coming sometime in early March. EA, interestingly, believes that the game will do great in the long run.

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