Former PlayStation Boss Has “No Idea” What Happened to Deep Down

deep down

Remember Deep Down? Capcom may have completely forgotten about it, but a lot of people do remember the game that never was. First unveiled as a PS4 exclusive way back in 2013, the promising-looking dungeon crawler immediately generated a lot of buzz, but time went on and updates and news on the game eventually fizzled out. Now, it’s a game that basically doesn’t exist (even though it officially hasn’t been cancelled).

So what happened to it? Well, even some people who should know don’t know at all. Speaking with Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, former Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shawn Layden was asked what happened to Deep Down, to which his response was a brief silence, followed by him saying, “I have no idea.”

Over a year ago, it was claimed in reports that Deep Down had actually progressed pretty far in its development before it was eventually shelved. Interestingly enough, back in 2019, Capcom said that they still hadn’t completely given up on the property, what with the trademark still being registered. Read more on that through here.

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