Forspoken – TGS 2022 Trailer Showcases New Story Scenes, Japanese Voice-Acting


Tokyo Game Show 2022 is officially underway, which means new trailers for the biggest upcoming games, like Luminous Productions’ Forspoken. Various previews dropped recently, discussing the spells and exploration, but the latest trailer is focused more on the story. It also provides a look at the Japanese voice-acting. Check it out below.

Forspoken is the story of Frey Holland, a New Yorker who finds herself transported to Athia. Guided by a talking bracelet named Cuff and wielding magic, Frey is viewed as a savior to battle the corrupt Tantas. The trailer shines a light on her hesitation, whether it’s going up against Tanta Sila (the strongest of the bunch) or watching the Break claim the lives of innocent people.

It’s a better look for the title (if grimmer), which hasn’t gone too deep into the story since its reveal. Forspoken is out on January 24th, 2023 for PS5 and PC, with the main story taking 30 to 40 hours to complete. Stay tuned for more details as TGS 2022 continues.

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