Fortnite Chapter 4 Brings a New Island, Doom Slayer, Geralt, and More

fortnite chapter 4

Fortnite has kicked off its fourth chapter, and though it may have arrived a little earlier than many may have expected, it still brings plenty of major changes and additions with it.

The biggest and most obvious change is, of course, the introduction of a new map, which brings with it new areas and points of interest, including a mining facility, snow-covered mountains, an abandoned farm with a mix of indoor and outdoor locations, a peaceful-looking town square in the middle of a forest, and more.

Several points of interest will be randomly dubbed hot-spots at the beginning of a match- here, players will be able to find and shoot down to get high-rarity weapons. Meanwhile, you can also stay in a point of interest’s Capture Point for a certain amount of time to claim control of it and put your team’s banner on display, marking all chests and opponents in that area.

Other new introductions include the Trail Thrasher dirt bike – which can also be used to perform tricks, and allows players to simultaneously use weapons while driving – and Reality Augments, which players will be given two of at random at regular intervals during a match. Reality Augments various bonus effects, such as increased reload speed for light ammo weapons, having glider redeploy for the rest of the match, being able to jump much higher while sprinting, and more.

There are also several new weapons and new provisions, as well as a new movement ability, which allows players to automatically vault over obstacles if you sprint at them. Meanwhile, the launch of Chapter 4 also brings with it a new battle pass for its first season. Those who purchase the battle pass will get instant access to the “Star of the Show” Selene outfit, while DOOM’s Doom Slayer is also included in the higher unlockable tiers. The Witcher’s Geralt will arrive later in the season.

You can check out Chapter 4 Season 1’s launch and cinematic trailers below.

Epic Games has also implemented several notable visual and technical changes with Fortnite Chapter 4’s launch- read more on that through here.

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