Fortnite’s Travis Scott Emote Removed Following Recent Concert Tragedy

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Epic Games has recently removed the Travis Scott-inspired Out West emote from the game’s shop, alongside all other items in Fortnite‘s Daily shop section. This comes shortly after eight people died and around 300 people were injured due to overcrowding at Travis Scott’s Astroworld event.

While the removal of the emote isn’t confirmed to be connected the incident at the concert, given the timing, the two dots are easy to connect. As acknowledged by Epic on Twitter, the shop’s Daily Section will be returning tomorrow with a fresh set of items, though it remains to be seen when we can expect the Travis Scott-themed items to return to the store. Those who have the emote in their lockers don’t seem to have lost access to it.

Scott has previously also held a virtual concert in Fortnite, which attracted millions of people from all across the globe. Investigation into what happened at the real-life event continues as of the time of writing, the results of which will presumably have an impact on happens with the items in game.

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