Forza Motorsport Developer Update Reveals New Details About Suspension Model

forza motorsport xbox series x

Developer Turn 10 is currently hard at work on the next Forza Motorsport, and while fans don’t know much about the game from a gameplay standpoint, live streams in the Forza Monthly series from the developers have been revealing tidbits of juicy information about what to expect from the racing sim.

In the December 2021 stream, Forza Motorsport creative direction Chris Esaki talks about how the team is going with an updated suspension model for cars this time around. According to Esaki, the new suspension model will take into account 4 variables (roll center, anti-dive, anti-squat, and dynamic force propagation) to create a more authentic experience that gearheads are sure to enjoy. Check out the video below for more details.

Previous developer updates have focused on the game’s multiplayer experience as well as tire models, among other things. The latest entry in Forza Motorsport’s sister spin-off franchise, Forza Horizon 5, also released recently to great critical and commercial reception and is looking like one of the most addictive experiences of this year.

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