Forza Motorsport’s Game Director Insists That Ray-Tracing Will Be On During Gameplay

forza motorsport

Fans recently got a good first look at Turn10’s upcoming racing sim, Forza Motorsport – and while it looks absolutely gorgeous on a visual level, fans are wondering whether the implementation of ray-tracing would work in a similar fashion to Gran Turismo 7 (only limited to replays and car-previews) or not. To that effect, game director Chis Esaki provided clarifying statements on the matter during the latest Forza Monthly update. Check out the video down below.

Esaki insisted that ray-tracing will be a part of the experience, and it will be on during real-time gameplay. He also clarified that it wouldn’t just be limited to the likes of Photo Mode or Replay, and the intention of mentioning “on-track raytracing” during the reveal trailer wasn’t to mislead fans with words. Long story short, it seems that Forza Motorsport will have ray-tracing.

“Ray tracing’s here. It’s on track, and most importantly, it’s real-time gameplay,” he said (as transcribed by Pure Xbox). “I really want to make that clear. When we say on-track, we don’t mean it’s only in replays or Photo Mode on-track and [we’re] being funny with words – we’re not trying to mislead you here. When you are racing, when you are playing the game, ray tracing is on.”

Forza Motorsport is slated for sometime during Spring 2023 for Pc, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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