Future Bethesda Titles Will Launch on Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is also excited about the roadmap for future titles, “some announced and many unannounced.”

xbox bethesda acquisition

Following its acquisition of ZeniMax Media, Microsoft has significantly expanded on its first-party studio line-up. Along with noting that its studio teams have increased from 15 to 23, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed on Xbox Wire that the company will “be adding Bethesda’s iconic franchises to Xbox Game Pass.” You can also expect future Bethesda games to launch on Xbox Game Pass on the same day as their Xbox and PC releases.

One interesting bit that Spencer hinted at was the prospect of Starfield being an Xbox Game Pass launch title. “One of the things that has me most excited is seeing the roadmap with Bethesda’s future games, some announced and many unannounced, to Xbox console and PC including Starfield, the highly anticipated, new space epic currently in development by Bethesda Game Studios.” Since it was mentioned in the same context, one has to assume that it’s a possibility.

There’s also the prospect of The Elder Scrolls 6 releasing for Game Pass as well. Bethesda has stated numerous times that the title is still a ways off from launch with Starfield coming first. Whenever the developer is ready to talk about either, expect more information on their Game Pass availability (and perhaps potential timed exclusivity details).

In the meantime, Bethesda’s Pete Hines confirmed that it’s business as usual with the company still publishing its own games. You can also check out what The Elder Scrolls and Fallout director Todd Howard said about the company’s acquisition here.

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