Gearbox CEO Gets Sweaty With “First To Manufacture” Next Gen Retail Copy Of Godfall

Well, okay then.


One of the first next generation games that we saw revealed was Godfall. Since that time, we’ve gotten a very steady amount of information about the title, from its endgame content, its side quests and even how it will differ playing solo or co-op. So it’s probably fitting that the game will now be the first game to be shown as a retail copy, even if the way it’s being shown is…odd.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford took to his official Twitter to post some pictures of him holding what is apparently the first retail copy of a PS5 game in Godfall, which is being published by his company. It’s neat and more or less confirms that discs are now being printed for next generation systems, but uh, as you can notice (and many others have as well) is that Pitchford is rather tired and sweaty looking here. What exactly has he being doing to get to this state is anyone’s guess. Maybe he is just that excited for Godfall.

Godfall will launch alongside the PlayStation 5 on November 12th. The game will also come to the PC on the same day via the Epic Games Store.

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