Genshin Impact Guide – How to Quickly Increase Adventure Rank

Here are some activities that will quickly bolster your AR.

Genshin Impact

There’s quite a bit to keep track of in Genshin Impact especially with so many different materials, characters and talents to level up, and so on. However, it’s the Adventure Rank that will immediately impact your overall progression as time goes on especially when it comes to accessing new story quests and end-game activities. So while it’s good to keep leveling your rank, it’s also easy to do so without having to resort to grinding.

First up, upon hitting Rank 12, you’ll unlock Daily Commissions. These are your standard daily quests that become available when speaking to Katheryne at the Adventure’s Guild. Completing all four per day will provide EXP, Primogems, Mora and Adventure Rank progress along with any bonus rewards.

Another invaluable method of leveling Adventure Rank is the Adventure’s Handbook. This is received upon entering Mondstadt and speaking to Katheryne for the first time. Keep completing objectives in the Experience section to claim more progress and Artifacts (which can provide stat and set bonuses or enhance current Artifacts).

While traversing the open world, keep an eye out for way-points, Statues of the Seven and Teleporters. The Statues are particularly important since “worshiping” them will provide Adventure Rank EXP, Primogems and increases to Stamina. Just make sure you have enough Anemoculus and Geoculus to do so. They’re fairly easy to find on the map though so don’t worry. Also keep an eye on chests – their Adventure Rank gains are small but build up over time.

Another method is to use Original Resin after defeating a boss. This currency is also used for accessing Temples and Domains. The catch is that you can only hold 120 Resin and 20 is required for claiming items and EXP. Though you receive 1 Resin every eight minutes passively, it’s possible to purchase even more. Using Fractured Resin will give you 180 Resin more while 50 Primogems can be used for an additional 180. If you have an excess amount of either material and want to farm Temples and bosses while also gaining a good amount of Adventure Rank, this is the way to do it.

There are World Quests and Side Quests to complete which also provide decent EXP. But make sure you’re paying attention to the different Archon and Story Quests that open up since the Adventure Rank gains can be substantial. The same goes for Domains and the Spiral Abyss which are gated by Adventure Rank.

What’s the point of increasing one’s Adventure Rank outside of progressing the main story and unlocking different Domains (besides getting better loot and leveling characters, that is)? At AR 14, it’s possible to send different party members on Dispatches for resource gathering and online co-op becomes available at AR 16. You also receive rewards from the Adventurers’ Guild when ranking up.

One’s Adventure Rank also contributes to increasing the World Level. This will result in enemies having more health and dealing more damage. However, you’ll also get better loot. So if you find yourself hitting a wall with regards to leveling characters or ascension materials, the World Level increase might help.

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