Genshin Impact – Update 2.4 is Live With Enkanomiya, New Quests and Character Banners

genshin impact update 2.4

miHoYo Games’ latest update for Genshin Impact is currently live, bringing the game to version 2.4 and adding a fairly significant amount of new content. The stars of the show are Shenhe and Yun Jin, the former being a 5 star Cryo wielder and the latter being a 4 star Geo wielder. Check out the trailer below to see them in action.

A new area has also been added in Enkanomiya – it requires players to be Adventure Rank 30 and above to unlock along with completing the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals” along with “The Moon-Bathed Deep” and “The Still Water’s Flow” World Quests. New World Quests, Commission Quests and a brand new Archon Quest Interlude Chapter “Act I – The Crane Returns on the Wind” have also been added.

Those keen on waiting for other characters will need to wait since the Daily Login Event “May Fortune Find You” runs from January 25th to February 9th (bestowing 10 Intertwined Fate upon logging in for seven days). The Latern Rite Gifts event begins on February 9th and also doles out Fragile Resin, Intertwined Fate and other rewards.

Check out some of the patch notes for update 2.4 below for more details and the full notes here.

Fleeting Colors in Flight Version 2.4 Update Details

New Characters

5-Star Character “Lonesome Transcendence” Shenhe (Cryo)

  • Vision: Cryo
  • Weapon: Polearm
  • An adepti disciple with a most unusual air about her. Having spent much time cultivating in isolation in Liyue’s mountains, she has become every bit as cool and distant as the adepti themselves.
  • Shenhe’s Elemental Skill, “Spring Spirit Summoning,” can produce different effects based on how it is used: when pressed, she will rush forward and deal Cryo DMG, whereas when held, she will deal AoE Cryo DMG in front of her. These two different usage methods will provide teammates with Icy Quill effects that will be triggered for a different number of times based on the usage method. Icy Quill increases Cryo DMG dealt by characters’ Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts based on Shenhe’s own ATK.
  • Her Elemental Burst, “Divine Maiden’s Deliverance,” deals sustained AoE Cryo DMG to opponents in the field, and also decreases the Cryo RES and Physical RES of opponents in the field.

4-Star Character “Stage Lucida” Yun Jin (Geo)

  • Vision: Geo
  • Weapon: Polearm
  • A renowned Liyue opera singer who is skilled in both playwriting and singing. Her style is one-of-a-kind, exquisite and delicate, much like the person herself.
  • When Yun Jin uses her Elemental Skill, “Opening Flourish,” she charges upward, forming a shield. After the skill button is released, when its duration ends, or when the shield breaks, it will deal Geo DMG. DMG dealt is based on Yun Jin’s DEF, and Shield DMG Absorption is based on Yun Jin’s Max HP.
  • Her Elemental Burst “Cliffbreaker’s Banner,” deals a one-time AoE Geo DMG to nearby opponents and grants all nearby party members a “Flying Cloud Flag Formation” which will increase DMG dealt by Normal Attacks. The increase will be based on Yun Jin’s own DEF. Flying Cloud Flag Formation will disappear when the number of times is used up or at the end of the duration.

During the event wish “The Transcendent One Returns,” the event-exclusive 5-star character “Lonesome Transcendence” Shenhe (Cryo) and 4-star character “Stage Lucida” Yun Jin (Geo) will get a huge drop-rate boost!

II. New Area


  • The now-awakened Enkanomiya calls out to a hero. Beneath the still waters lies a new realm.
  • After the Version 2.4 update, Enkanomiya in the Inazuma region will be available.

Unlock Criteria:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30 or above.
  • Complete the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals.”
  • Complete the World Quests “The Moon-Bathed Deep” and “The Still Water’s Flow.”

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