Ghost of Tsushima Co-Directors to be Made Permanent Tourism Ambassadors of Tsushima Island

Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox and Jason Connell are being recognized for “spreading the name and history of Tsushima to the whole world.”

ghost of tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima would not have been the excellent game that it was had it not been for the excellent way its titular setting, the island of Tsushima. Though far from historically accurate, the game blended artistic flair, excellent design, and engaging exploration to truly make its setting shine, while also using its general atmosphere, pieces of its history, and Japanese culture to craft something quite unique.

For that excellent portrayal of Tsushima and for spreading “the name and history” of the island to millions of people around the world, Ghost of Tsushima game director Nate Fox and creative director Jason Connell are being honored by the actual Tsushima island, as they are made its permanent tourism ambassadors. The pair will also receive awards and letters of appreciation for the same, while the city of Tsushima in Nagasaki will also collaborate with PlayStation to set up a tourism campaign inspired by the game.

Said Hiroki Hitakatsu, Mayor of Tsushima (via VGC): “[Fox and Connell] spread the name and history of Tsushima to the whole world in such a wonderful way.

“Even a lot of Japanese people do not know the history of the Gen-ko period. When it comes to the world, the name and location of Tsushima is literally unknown, so I cannot thank them enough for telling our story with such phenomenal graphics and profound stories.”

“The appointment of Tourism Ambassador is from today until Mr. Jason and Mr. Nate no longer wish to have it,” Hitakatsu added. “In fact, I had been thinking and discussing about appointing the role to them ever since I discovered they were using Tsushima’s name as the name of their work.

“I did not appoint them for the purpose of having them do anything in the future. Thanks to the two of them, Sucker Punch Productions, and SIE, I have heard from people all over the world who have learned about Tsushima through their works, and now want to see, know, and go to Tsushima.”

Ghost of Tsushima is currently available on PS4, and playable on PS5 via backward compatibility with some significant enhancements. Rumours have suggested that a native PS5 port is also in the works, while job listings have pointed at a sequel being in development.

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