Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.1 Release Time Revealed

Four player co-op, New Game Plus and much more arrives at 8 to 9 AM PT tomorrow.

ghost of tsushima legends

Tomorrow is a big day for Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. Update 1.1 will be going live and bringing co-op multiplayer with Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, among other things. Sucker Punch has revealed on Twitter that the update will start rolling out at 8 AM PT tomorrow and should be available worldwide by 9 AM PT.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends offers four different playable classes, whether it’s the ranged Hunter or the Assassin. Each class has its own unique Charms, abilities and Ultimates along with upgrades. Two player co-op missions will be available from the outset but there will also be four player wave-based survival modes to partake in.

For single-player minded fans, update 1.1 adds New Game Plus, several new and powerful Charms (including one that lets you turn enemy dogs into allies), a new horse and much more. It also introduces a new NPC that will provide new complex dyes in exchange for a new material. Stay tuned for more details when update 1.1 goes live tomorrow.

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