Ghost Recon Breakpoint Will Crossover With Rainbow Six Siege In Operation Amber Sky

Two Ubisoft properties collide.

ghost recon breakpoint

It was back in 2019 when Ghost Recon Breakpoint released. The game seemed like a slam dunk, being a sequel to the highly successful Ghost Recon Wildlands and done in the proven Ubisoft formula. Yet, the game did not do well at launch, even leading publisher Ubisoft to delay several other titles. Still, much to their credit, they have continued updating the game and now they are crossing it over with one of their most successful ongoing titles.

Next week will see the next Operation for Breakpoint, and in something of a twist, it will also feature a crossover with Rainbow Six Siege, another Ubisoft title that had a rocky launch but had a massive turnaround. In Operation Amber Sky, after completing the first of nine new missions, you can have Ash, Thatcher, and Finka as alternatives to your teammate at any time. The live event will add a new survival-based mechanic as you must navigate gas-filled areas requiring gas masks and quick replacement of filters to get through.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available now on most major platforms. Operation Amber Sky will go live across all of them starting January 21st, which will correspond with a free weekend of the game. You can read more details on the official site through here.

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