Ghostrunner 2 Showcases Critical Response With New Accolades Trailer

Ghostrunner 2_04

Developer One More Level and publisher 505 Games are celebrating the recent release of fast-paced cyberpunk shooter Ghostrunner 2 with the release of a new trailer, this time around showcasing the game’s critical response. Check out the trailer below.

Alongside the Accolades Trailer, One More Level has also been in the process of releasing a series of developer diaries for Ghostrunner 2. Dubbed The Download, two parts of the developer diaries are available right now, featuring the studio walking players through the process of making the game.

Ghostrunner 2 offers a major expansion over the key aspects and ideas behind the original Ghostrunner, offering more gameplay options, as well as a greater variety in gameplay, and the ability to commandeer and use vehicles for added mayhem.

Ghostrunner 2 is out now on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. For more details, check out our review. And in case you’re curious, here are 15 differences between Ghostrunner 2 and its predecessor. There’s also a roadmap showing off all of the post-launch support planned for Ghostrunner 2.

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