God of War Director Calls Out Abuse Following Delay and Cross-Gen Announcement

god of war

It was recently announced that the upcoming God of War sequel had been delayed from its 2021 launch window into 2022, and that it would be launching as a cross-gen game rather than as a PS5 exclusive (which was apparently a decision that was made long before this announcement). While there was some discontent amongst audiences about the game being cross-gen, where its delay is concerned, the vast majority of people reacted with support and encouragement for the developer. There are always a few bad seeds out there, however, who react in the most reprehensible way possible.

Former journalist Alanah Pearce, now part of the writing team on God of War: Ragnarok (or whatever it ends up being called), recently took to Twitter to share a screencap of messages sent to her by an angry player, using vile and abusive language while reacting to the recent God of War announcements. Cory Barlog, the game’s director, called out the abuse, while defending the development team. The message in question that was sent to Pearce is quite explicit, but if you want, you can take a look at it and Barlog’s response through here.

This should go without saying, but reactions like these where anybody is concerned are far, far from okay, especially when the thing that’s provoking such a reaction is a video game.

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