God of War Ragnarok Guide – All Armor Sets, Their Locations, and the Best Boss-Killing Build

god of war ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok offers a range of armor sets, each with three pieces, that can provide unique perks. These perks help increase your overall survivability, damage output, and more.

Check out all the different armor sets, including some of the best post-game sets, below. We won’t be covering the companion armor since they’re cosmetic and don’t provide any perks or stat buffs.

How to Unlock Survival Armor

Unlocked at the beginning. It consists of the Shoulder Guard of Survival, Wraps of Survival, and Belt of Survival.

How to Unlock Fortified Armor

Unlocked at the beginning. The Fortified Husk Cuirass grants Defender’s Riposte, where Kratos’ next attack has a moderate Luck chance to become empowered with a powerful explosion after blocks and parries. The Fortified Husk Arm Guards and Fortified Husk Girdle each grant Defender’s Relief, where Kratos takes less damage from behind from unblockable attacks while blocking. With one piece, it’s a 25 percent damage reduction, but with both pieces, you get a 50 percent reduction.

How to Unlock Vidar’s Armor

Unlocked at the beginning. Vidar’s Pauldron of Might grants Relentless Might, where Strength and stagger resistance have a high Luck chance to increase for a brief period after combo finishers. Vidar’s Bracers of Might and Vidar’s Belt of Might each grant Finishing Might which causes combo finishers to deal more damage. One piece offers 10 percent increased damage while equipping both grants a 20 percent increase to combo finisher damage.

How to Unlock Nidavellir’s Armor

Crafted at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. Nidavellir’s Finest Plackart grants Stunning Restoration, providing a health burst on stun grabbing an enemy. Nidavellir’s Finest Arm Guards and Nidavellir’s Finest Waist Guard each provide Stunning Persistence, reducing the rate at which enemy stun bars will drain. With one piece, the stun drain is reduced by 50 percent and by 100 percent when equipping two pieces.

How to Unlock Enlightenment Armor

Crafted at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. The Spaulders of Enlightenment grant Armament Focus, which has moderate Luck to provide a Blessing of Runic with hits from Frost Awaken and Whiplash. Bracers of Enlightenment and Belt of Enlightenment each provide Runic Affliction, where status-afflicted enemies take increased damage from Runic attacks. One piece gives a 15 percent damage increase from status-afflicted enemies while equipping both pieces provides a 30 percent increase.

How to Unlock Sol’s Armor

At the beginning of “The Reckoning,” this can be crafted at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. Sol’s Spaulders of Courage grant Redemptive Rage, which increases melee damage based on Rage. Rage will also mitigate any lethal incoming damage. Sol’s Wraps of Courage and Sol’s Belt of Courage each grant Scathing Rage Burst. It provides a chance to gain a Rage burst whenever damage is taken (with lower health increasing the Luck chance of it triggering). One piece gives 12 Rage Burst while two provide 24 Rage Burst.

How to Unlock the Spiritual Armor

At the beginning of “The Reckoning,” this can be crafted at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. Spiritual Shoulder Straps grant Arcane Strength, where hitting with Runic or Relic Attacks grant a 15 percent damage buff to melee and ranged damage. It can stack up to three times. The Spiritual Wraps and Spiritual Belt each provide Arcane Refresh, which grants a low Luck chance for melee attacks to reduce the cooldown of the Runic Attacks equipped on the weapon. At one piece, the amount of cooldown restored is 10 percent, and 20 percent when equipping two pieces.

How to Unlock Lunda’s Armor

After activating “The Mysterious Orb” Favor, this armor becomes available to craft at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop in “The Reckoning.” Lunda’s Lost Cuirass grants Vanir Poison where parrying, blocking, and bare-handed attacks have a high Luck chance to deal bonus damage and poison enemies, reducing their Power level in the process. Lunda’s Lost Bracers and Lunda’s Lost Belt both provide Prey Upon Poison, where poisoned enemies take increased damage from melee strikes. One piece gives a 20 percent damage increase while equipping both raises this to 40 percent extra damage.

How to Unlock Fate Breaker Armor

During “The Realms at War,” this armor can be crafted by Brok/Sindri before starting the final battle. The Fate Breaker Shoulder grants Raging Aftermath, where Strength, Defense, Runic, and Stagger Resistance are briefly increased after exiting the Rage state. The Fate Breaker Wraps and Fate Breaker Belt each grant Raging Fury, which increases the Rage gain rate.

How to Unlock Mani’s Armor

When starting “The Word of Fate” in Midgard, you can craft this armor at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. Mani’s Pauldron of Wisdom grants Elemental Antagoniser, which increases the damage dealt by Extinguish Flames and Vaporise Frost. Mani’s Bracers of Wisdom and Mani’s Belt of Wisdom each have Prolonged Affliction which lengthens the duration of status effects on enemies. With one piece equipped, the status effect duration increases by 25 percent, while two pieces increase this by 50 percent.

How to Unlock Giptumadr’s Armor

After starting “The Word of Fate” in Midgard, you can craft this armor at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. Giptumadr’s Breastplate grants Fortune’s Refresh, where using a Runic attack or Relic has a moderate Luck chance to reset 70 percent of its cooldown. Giptumadr’s Gauntlets and Giptumadr’s Waist Guard grant Fortune’s Bounty, where Runic attacks or Relics that hit an enemy have a chance to drop a health stone or Rage stone.

How to Unlock Dragon Scaled Armor

After completing “For Vanaheim,” this can be crafted at the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. Dragon Scaled Breastplate grants Dragon’s Fury where blocking and parries grant increased Strength and Defense. These continuously stack and reset until damage is taken. The Dragon Scaled Bracers and Dragon Scaled Girdle grant Dragon’s Rebuke, which increases all damage dealt by shield attacks. It also deals shield damage to nearby foes when successfully blocking or parrying. Shield damage is increased by 25 percent when equipping one piece and 50 percent when two are equipped.

How to Unlock the Guiding Light Armor

When starting “The Word of Fate,” you must venture to the Lake of Nine and investigate three Buried Treasure spots for the pieces. For more details, check out the video below by Its Shatter. As for its perks, the Breastplate of Guiding Light grants Weapon Blessing, where any hit has a moderate Luck chance to increase the Strength, Runic and Luck on one of your weapons. The Gauntlets of Guiding Light and Waist Guard of Guiding Light grant Fortune’s Strike, where melee attacks have a chance to create a damaging explosion.

How to Unlock the Raven Tears Armor

This armor set is unlocked by killing 18 of Odin’s Ravens. For the locations of all Ravens, check out the video below courtesy of IGN. After doing so, return to the Raven’s Tree in Niflheim, open up the first three chests, and the armor is yours. The Cuirass of Raven Tears grants Healing Mist, where hitting enemies has a low Luck chance to trigger a Healing Mist. The Bracers of Raven Tears and Girdle of Raven Tears each provide Healing Efficacy I, which increases the healing gained from Rage, gear and health stones. One piece will increase the healing amount by 15 percent, while two pieces increases it by 30 percent.

How to Unlock Steinbjorn Armor

A hidden armor set, this can be earned after completing “Forging Destiny.” You’ll need access to the Lake of Nine, completed the “Song of the Sands” Favor and also have the Mystical Heirloom Relic. Upon defeating the four Trolls (whose locations you can see below in PowerPyx’s video) and gaining Slumber Stones, you can craft the armor set at a workshop. The Steinbjrn Plackart grants Bloodthirsty Retaliation, where attacking after taking “significant damage” will restore health for five seconds. The Steinbjörn Gauntlets and Steinbjörn Waist Guard each grant Stunning Retaliation I, which provides a moderate Luck chance to stagger and deal stun damage to nearby foes when damage is taken. Equipping one piece increases the stun damage by 25 percent, while two pieces increase it by 50 percent.

How to Unlock the Fallen Stars Armor

First, complete the “Scent of Survival” to access the Wishing Well in Vanaheim. Upon entering, you need to deposit Crystalline Shards into the well, which will be converted into Purified Crystalline. Take this to the Huldra Brothers’ workshop to craft the armor. The Plackart of Fallen Stars grants Arcanist’s Defense, which significantly lowers damage taken when using a Relic or Runic Attack. The Bracers of Fallen Stars and Waist Guard of Fallen Stars grant Reckless Refresh, where a portion of a Runic Attack or Relic’s cooldown is restored when hit while using either attack.

How to Unlock Darkdale Armor

Exclusive to the Deluxe Edition. The Darkdale Plackart grants Enraged Slayer where slaying enemies in Spartan Rage will restore some Rage and Health. The Darkdale Arm Guards and Darkdale Waist Guard both provide Raging Affliction, which increases the Rage gain rate when using Runic attacks and hitting enemies afflicted with status.

How to Unlock the Hunter Armor

Obtained from the Vanaheim Crater by completing three Favors. Check out the video below by Backseat Guides for more details and the locations of each piece. The Hunter’s Pauldron grants Empowered Range where holding L2 for a period will increase all ranged attack damage for a short time. The Hunter’s Gauntlets and Hunter’s Belt grant Ranged Specialist, which increases all ranged attack and ability damage.

How to Unlock the Undying Pyres Armor

Obtained from completing Combat Trials in Muspelheim. The Shoulder Guard of Undying Pyres is obtained from completing the “Weapon Mastery” Trial and grants Protective Momentum. This provides a shield when the Permafrost, Immolation or Maelstrom gauge is charged, which prevents the first hit taken from resetting it. The Bracers of Undying Pyres are obtained from the “Ring Out Challenge” Trial, while the Girdle of Undying Pyres is obtained from the “Population Control” Trial. Both grant Momentous Mastery, which increases the rate that the Permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstrom gauges are filled.

How to Unlock Berserker Armor

Considered one of the best armor sets in the game, it thankfully requires killing only three of the optional Berserker bosses. You’ll need to get the Inert Hilt of Skofnung in King’s Grave during “The Word of Fate” and then use it on the accompanying Berserker Gravestones. The first is in The Barrens, Alfheim and grants the Berserker Cuirass. It grants Soulless Warrior, which massively increases melee attack damage after using a Relic for a brief time. However, the damage received also increases.

The Berserker Gauntlets are found in Mist Fields, Niflheim, and grant Soulless Assault. This provides a low Luck chance for hits to trigger a Soul Explosion, which can also reduce the cooldown on your Relic. The Berserker Waist Guard is found in the Lake of Nine, Midgard, and grants Soulless Rebuke. It provides a moderate Luck chance for blocking, parrying, or receiving damage to cause a Soul Explosion, which also reduces Relic cooldown time.

There are several strong builds in the game, but for one that can kill tough bosses quickly, check out JorRaptor’s video below. It’s not too difficult to put together, provided you can obtain the Berserker Armor.

God of War Ragnarok is available for PS4 and PS5. For more details, check out our official review here. You can also check out our guide on finding all of the weapon upgrades and attachments here.

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