Godfall Can’t be Played Offline, Requires PS Plus Subscription

In spite of being playable solo, the game doesn’t have an offline option.


Godfall is being billed as a loot-driven action-RPG, a fantasy melee-focused take on the looter shooter genre. Given that premise, clearly, much of its focus is going to be on co-op and online play- but as developers Counterplay Games have confirmed, the game’s campaign is entirely playable solo, for those who’re looking for a single player experience.

It seems, however, that you will still need to be online if you want to play Godfall, and will need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. These details have been confirmed by the game’s page on the official PlayStation website, where it mentions these under the pre-order button. You can see a screencap below.

Godfall launches for PS5 and PC on November 12. New details were recently revealed on Valorplates, customization, and crafting, and soon after on Weakpoints, Breach meters, and more. Pre-order bonuses for the game and its various editions have also been confirmed.


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