Godfall Trailer Showcases Sleek Combat, Pre-Order Bonuses Include Zer0’s Sword

Other bonuses include Chrome skins, trinkets and Augments.


Counterplay Games had plenty of Godfall details to share during PAX Online 2020 yesterday. It released a new combat trailer which features greatly improved visuals and effects along with outlining the various special editions and pre-order bonuses. One of those pre-order bonuses is, hilariously enough, Zer0’s Sword from Borderlands. Check out the new trailers below.

Though we’ve yet to really see any co-op gameplay from Godfall, all the different Valorplates and weapon types look pretty good, as does the fast-paced combat. Whether it’s the slow-moving Warhammer or the brutal Polearm, there’s quite a bit to master. A boss is also teased at the end, though no gameplay of the fight is showcased.

Along with Zer0’s Sword, pre-orders will also receive Chrome skins for Silvermane, Phoenix and Greyhawk along with amulet and ring trinkets and early Augments. Pre-orders on PS5 will receive a Red Typhon skin while PC players will get a Yellow Typhon skin. The various editions of the game and their content can be seen here (with prices yet to be decided for PS5):

Standard Edition ($59.99 for PC, TBA for PS5)

Deluxe Edition ($79.99 for PC, TBA for PS5)

  • Base Game
  • Expansion 1

Ascended Edition ($89.99 for PC, TBA for PS5)

  • Base Game
  • Expansion 1
  • Gold Valorplate Skins (Silvermane, Phoenix, and Greyhawk)
  • PS5-only: Orange Vertigo Valorplate Skin
  • PC-only: Red Vertigo Valorplate SKin
  • Gold Weapon Pack
  • Gold Shield
  • Gold Royal Banner
  • Zodiac Knight Lobby Title

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