GoNNER 2 is Now Available for PC, Switch and Xbox One

Ikk returns in a new adventure with colorful levels and surreal enemies.


GoNNER 2, a sequel to Art in Hearts’ quirky procedurally generated platformer, is now available. Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch players can pick it up today and play as Ikk once more. It’s also available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on console – check out the launch trailer below.

The story sees Ikk helping out Death who needs help dealing with a “mysterious presence.” That means traversing through all kinds of bright and colorful environments, dealing with imaginative bosses and managing all of the chaos. Along with being procedurally generated, levels are also non-linear which means more than one path for progressing forward.

GoNNER 2 also features new upgrades, new guns and new heads to unlock in addition to new secrets and challenges. There’s even party co-op that allows for venturing forth with friends. It’s set to release for PS4 and Xbox Game Pass for PC as well but at a latter date. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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