Google Releases Update for Stadia Controller to Enable Bluetooth

stadia controller

Shortly after announcing an update for the Stadia Controller that would enable the use of its Bluetooth hardware to work for regular PC gaming, Google has now released the update. The update comes just hours before the shutdown of Google Stadia as a platform.

Having released the update, Google has updated its help pages for the Stadia Controller with details on how players can pair the controller with a PC through the use of Bluetooth. According to the official website, the update will be available to users until December 31.

The Stadia Controller’s Bluetooth mode comes with a few caveats, however. Since it uses Bluetooth Low Energy mode for its connections, its 3.5mm audio jack doesn’t allow for pass-through audio wirelessly. On the other hand, the controller allows for remapping the Google Assistant and Capture buttons.

Google announced the update for the Stadia Controller just last week. Google Stadia is slated to go offline today at 11:59pm PT. When announcing the closure, the company announced that everyone who had made a Stadia purchase would be refunded.

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