Gotham Knights Has Redesigned Combat To Fit Game’s Co-op Option

The game can still be played fully solo.

Gotham Knights

Despite the massive success of the Arkham series, it was put on ice for over half a decade. Last year, the Batman license re-emerged in the gaming world with Gotham Knights. While it does not continue the Arkham canon, it looks to be have similar presentation and action. There’s some clear differences, however, such as a level-system and more focus on progression and equipment. It also seems the combat will be different to some degree to fit to the new co-op option.

Speaking with Gamesradar, Executive Producer Fleur Marty spoke in length about the game. While a lot of it was things that’s been talking about in the past, he did say that while Knights does share DNA with the Arkham titles (WB Montreal was the developer on Arkham Origins), it has been redesigned around the new co-op function.

“We have entirely redesigned the combat system in order for it to work well in co-op,” he said. “Of course, we’re still a brawler, and some of the mechanics won’t feel totally alien for people who played and enjoyed the Arkham series, but it is in many ways very different.”

Marty doesn’t go into specifics about what exactly that means, but later says that while the game has four playable characters, the co-op is with two in mind. One would imagine that probably means there’s lots of duo attacks. We got a few glimpses of that when the game was originally revealed, and we will probably get a more in-depth look before Gotham Knights releases later this year.

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