GTA 5 – The Best PC Mods You Need To Experience

Rockstar’s latest entry in the genre-defining open-world crime thriller – Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a monumental success on both a critical and commercial level. As fans clamor for any morsel of information on the heavily rumored Grand Theft Auto 6, there’s more than enough within Grand Theft Auto 5‘s online mode to keep fans invested constantly. Most importantly, however, legions of dedicated fans and small developer groups have developed tons of mods for the game.

Of course, many are just visual overhauls to the experience but the best of the best take a step further and add new ways to interact with the game. These are some of the best mods that fans can download for GTA 5 right now:

Iron Man Mod 2.0

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The Iron Man Mod 2.0 does what it tells you with the title – it adds Iron Man into the game. It’s pretty simplistic in its scope given that it doesn’t add a whole lot of new content to the mix, but does a great job at making you feel like Iron Man with the character’s titular suit and powers. You can hover around, and fly at great speeds and use automatic weapons to cause destruction and mayhem all across Los Santos. The character’s sidekick AI Jarvis also makes an appearance with this mod, as he provides valuable commentary on the surroundings and happenings of the world.

GTA Realism

GTA 5 - 2 Many Years

For fans who want a more Red Dead Redemption 2-esque experience out of Rockstar’s magnum opus of carnage, the GTA Realism mod will do you just fine. This mod employs a number of clever tweaks and additions to the formula that make the game a bit more realistic. For instance, players will have to put up with traffic signals and manually pick weapons off the ground plus there are new features such as a car Towing system. NPC behavior has been tweaked to make it more reactive and realistic, among a plethora of minute adjustments.
Superhot Mod

Superhot is a pretty popular first-person shooter, based entirely around the concept that time only moves when you move. The Superhot mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 changes the game to work in a similar fashion, although it’s understandably so not as refined as Superhot itself. Of course, time still only moves when you do – giving you more than enough time to line up your shots to cause some of the most creative and hilarious death scenarios possible.

Gang Warfare Mod

Gangs in GTA San Andreas was one of the most important and innovative parts of the game, and the Gang Warfare mod aims to bring the same experience over to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5. It works in a similar fashion, as gangs control select territories on the map and players have to fight to get control of it – nets you a constant stream of revenue. GTA 5 has inarguably better shooting mechanics than GTA San Andreas which makes the ordeal a whole lot more enjoyable this time around.

LSPD First Response

LSPD First Response is one of the bigger and meatier mods for GTA 5. It puts players in the shoes of a Los Santos Police Officer answering the call of duty and arresting the criminals of the city. There are a number of car chases and custom missions to go through, offering plenty of unique action as a cop for the city.

GTA Redux

GTA V iCEnhancer

Grand Theft Auto 5 is quite old at this point now, and rumors suggest that the wait might be painfully long for the next entry in the franchise. Thus, it’s understandable that fans might want a bit of a graphical upgrade of the game – and the GTA Redux mod does exactly that, and then some more. There are a plethora of new 4K textures and improved lighting and skyscapes providing a fresh new feel to roaming Los Santos for the umpteenth time. Adjustments to vehicle handling have also been made, which makes each car feel unique in some way or the other. Weapons now have some added umph, which when combined with the improved enemy AI makes combat much more engaging. Grand Theft Auto has always been about thoughtlessly mowing down innocent civilians and any cops who dare stand in the way – and this mod makes it almost strategic and tactical in a way.

ATM Robberies And Bank Heists

gta v pinnacle

Bank heists in Grand Theft Auto 5 are some of the best missions in the game that fans love so dearly. These multi-part missions are inarguably highlights of the campaign, and it’s largely understandable that fans might be wanting more out of it. Of course, the ATM Robberies and Bank Heists does not feature the bombastic set-pieces found within the game’s series of robberies – but allows for fun robberies nevertheless. Using this mod, players can perform heists all across Los Santos’ ATMs and banks, which requires escaping from the police. It’s a fun and engaging way to collect cash in the game, and a great addition to the roster of activities for doing the same.

JobsV Mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 has a great open world that’s ripe for simulation, and the JobsV mod allows players to a different life in Los Santos. Players can perform a plethora of stuff which includes attending classes, completing courses, and applying for jobs in order to lead a life free of violence in Los Santos – much like what Michael wanted. The concept is quite similar to Bully, which is another great Rockstar title left in the waiting seat for far too long.

Home Invasion Mod

The Home Invasion mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 adds home robberies to the list of activities one can pursue in the game. Players can choose from a wide variety of homes and rob citizens of their belongings, which can be done either using the silent route or guns blazing. There are a number of different house types spread all across Los Santos, making it an excellent addition to the myriad ways of earning cash in the game.

No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod

gta 5

The No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis mod allows players to, well, play with water in the city of Los Santos. The No Water mod removes any and all water from the map, giving you the freedom to explore the seabed at your own pace. There are a few secrets to find buried within the ocean, giving players plenty of incentive to roam this newfound territory. Tsunami and Atlantis submerge the city portion of the map completely in water, which causes all NPCs to swim up to the surface for dear life. It’s not as feature rich as many others on this list, but experiencing Grand Theft Auto 5’s map from a new perspective is a treat nevertheless.

Simple Zombies Mod

Grand Theft Auto 5_GTA5

Mowing down waves of harmless citizens and police officers is one of the most recognizable aspects of the game, and it only makes sense that replacing them with zombies would increase the enjoyment levels tenfold. Grand Theft Auto 5’s Simple Zombies mod does exactly that, and then some to make it a fully realized experience capable of standing on its own two feet. Players can manage survivors and order them to help with clearing zombie hordes, repair damaged vehicles among other things. Furthermore, there’s also crafting that helps players keep some distance from these infectious beasts. This is a great mod that fans of games like Left 4 Dead and State of Decay will resonate with on multiple levels, giving enough incentive to check it out.

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