Gunbrella Announced by Gato Roboto Developer, Launches in 2023 for Switch and PC


doinksoft of Gato Roboto fame also had a new title to announce during the recent Indie World Showcase – Gunbrella. The side-scrolling action-adventure noir title has players controlling the Woodsman as he suffers a loss and searches for those responsible. Check out the trailer below to see it in action.

With the world quickly deteriorating due to a natural resource’s depletion, the Woodsman will rely on the Gunbrella during his journey. It shoots bullets, blocks damage, can be used to traverse ziplines and much more. As one investigates their case, they run afoul of (and interrogate) cops, cultists, gangsters, ghouls and much more.

Along with a town plagued by kidnappings, you’ll also venture to a fortress that previously existed as a junkyard and to the city of Avalon where the sky is apparently still visible. Resources like scrap and spare parts can be acquired for upgrades and munitions throughout one’s mysterious journey.

Published by Devolver Digital, Gunbrella is slated to release for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2023.

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