Hades 2 Technical Test Ends on April 29th

Hades 2

Supergiant Games’ technical test for Hades 2 will be coming to an end on April 29th. As promised, it went on for longer than a week and less than a month, but appears to have been successful. The team has identified and addressed “a number of key issues we weren’t able to find before.” After it ends, early access will launch “relatively soon” after.

While the contents of early access haven’t been revealed, the technical test did offer the first area in the game and access to two weapons. It also featured new mechanics like Omega Attacks and magic, with protagonist Melinoë having to manage Mana. Players could utilize several Boons from new (Apollo, Hestia) and returning (Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon) deities of the Greek Pantheon.

New activities like farming, digging and mining were also featured, providing materials for different rewards. Check out more gameplay from the technical test here. Hades 2 early access will be available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, so stay tuned for more details.

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