Hades Highlights Fantastic Voice Cast In New Behind The Scenes Video

A look at the voices you’ve come to know and love.


While Hades was running in early access for almost two full years, it seemed to have sneaked up on some when it released into full 1.0 this September. It’s Supergiant’s unique take on the rougelike genre, and is sure to be on a lot of Game of the Year lists. We were pretty huge fans of it ourselves, and it seems to be well on its way to being a massive success for the studio. Today the developer released a video to highlight one of the things that makes Hades so dang special.

Part of the game’s charm and uniqueness comes from its many characters and their incredible personalities. A behind the scenes video showcases the voice cast that help bring them to life. You’ll hear plenty of familiar voices from the game (as well as one or two you’re sure to recognize from the developer’s other works). I think it’s fair to say Hades would not have hit nearly as well without its characters, so this is definitely worth checking out.

Hades is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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