Hades Won’t be Featured in the Xbox Indie Showcase This Week

Xbox’s Glenn Gregory has cleared away any confusion before you get too hyped.


Microsoft is all set to unleash its first ever indie-focused Xbox event later this week on March 26, and given the fact that Hades is one of the best and biggest indie games out there, it’s no surprise that many people are desperate for the game – which is currently only on Switch and PC – to be announced for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The fact that artwork for the game was included in a now-removed advertisement for the event on Switch only served to bolster those rumours.

Keep your expectations in check though- it doesn’t look like Hades is going to be present at the showcase. Head of marketing at ID@Xbox Glenn Gregory recently took to Twitter to ensure you’re not going in with the wrong expectations, and stated explicitly that Hades is not going to be among the lineup of games scheduled to be shown off at the showcase. Apparently, the inclusion of its artwork in the aforementioned advertisement was just an error.

While that’s certainly disappointing, there’s still plenty for Xbox owners to look forward to as far as this event is confirmed. The likes of The Ascent and Second Extinction are going to be shown off, while S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is also going to be present in some capacity (though there will be no new gameplay shown for it). Meanwhile, we’re also hoping to see more of the likes of The Gunk and 12 Minutes.

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