Halo Infinite Dev Gives Details On Battle Pass Progression, Including No “Per-Match XP” At Launch

Halo Infinite_02

While it seemed that the game was in danger of yet another delay, it was confirmed earlier this month that Halo Infinite would still be making 2021 at the tail end. While it will lack some key modes and features, the base campaign and multiplayer will be here in December. Speaking of the latter, like so many other multiplayer experiences, Infinite‘s will be more involved with things like Battle Passes and seasons. There’s still a lot of questions about how that will look and work, and today we got a few details, though it may be some that fans might be sour on.

Speaking on his Twitter, Community Manager John Junyszek spoke briefly about the Battle Pass progression system. It seems it will be focused on daily challenges, with promises that there will be a lot to do, and even though it will be possible to exhaust those challenges for those dedicated to the grind, Junyszek thinks there will be plenty for the average player. He also said something sure to raise some eyebrows by confirming that you will not be able to get “per-match XP,” meaning that you won’t get any XP towards your Battle Pass by simply playing matches. You will have to engage with the challenges to some degree, it seems, if you want that sweet XP.

Junyszek says there will be a blog post soon with more details, so we will have a clearer idea of what that will look like then. Needless to say, some probably won’t be too happy with that, but part of the live service model is the ability to change things due to player feedback. We’ll see what it’s like when Halo Infinite launches on December 8th.

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