Halo Infinite Forge Mode’s Scripting Capabilities Showcased in New Video


Studio 343 Industries has released a new video highlighting Halo Infinite‘s upcoming Forge mode. The video, with a run time of almost 26 minutes, shows off the Forge mode’s scripting capabilities. Check it out below.

The video features Forge lead designer Michael Schorr and technical designer Connor Kennely, who go in-depth in talking about scripting, node graphs, and bot support in the Forge mode.

Forge mode got its first showcase video earlier this month, where Schorr and multiplayer level designer Cliff Schuldt spoke about its level creation capabilities. Forge mode will feature support for assets from Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer maps, as well as its campaign mode.

Future videos for the Forge mode will be focusing on its lighting and audio capabilities, and even canvases and file sharing down the line.

Forge is set to come to Halo Infinite in beta form with its Winter Update, which is set to be released on November 8.

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