Halo Infinite is Almost Content Complete, 2021 Launch is More or Less Assured – Insider

343 Industries are reportedly focused on the technical aspects of development now.

halo infinite

The recent news that Halo Infinite project lead Chris Lee has stepped down from his position has been met with plenty of concern by fans of the series, especially given the fact that this is far from the only major high profile departure from the studio during the game’s development. Questions about how this will affect the game’s development and whether we should be expecting another delay have been asked often since then, but according to known Xbox insider Klobrille, that won’t be the case.

Taking recently to Twitter, Klobrille stated that development of Halo Infinite is in its later stages, with the game being “more or less” content complete (which means 343 Industries have developed all of the playable content in the game). According to Klobrille, the studio is now almost fully focused on the technical aspects of development and polishing the game, and as such, a release in 2021 for the game looks more or less certain.

There have ben some rumours in the past that have suggested that Halo Infinite could be delayed out of 2021, though 343 Industries have categorically denied those rumours. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has suggested that the studio might consider releasing the shooter’s campaign and multiplayer components separately, so there’s still a lot of questions left to be answered.

Halo Infinite, whenever it does launch, will be available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. Joseph Staten, a Halo veteran from the Bungie days, has been brought on board to lead the campaign’s development and help close out development.

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