Halo Infinite – Leaked Forge Gameplay Shows Weapon and Vehicle Customization

Halo Infinite - Season 2 Lone Wolves_02

The fact that Halo Infinite launched without a Forge mode didn’t sit well with a great many Halo fans, but adding the mode back in is part of the plan for the shooter’s live service approach. 343 Industries released a rough roadmap for the same earlier in the year, according to which Forge will enter beta this September. Ahead of that, gameplay from the mode seems to have leaked, and shared on Twitter by @Mr_Rebs_.

The focus of the leaked clips is primarily on weapons and vehicles, showing the new scripting feature, and how it can be used to combine multiple weapons or vehicles to create new combinations.

Where weapons are concerned, the clips show some rather interesting examples, like a Battle Rifle functioning like a Skewer, a Plasma Pistol firing Disruptor shots, or even a weapon functioning like Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun. Meanwhile, on the vehicle side of things, we can see a clip of the Wraith combined with Brute Choppers to make it faster. Check it all out below.

Other than Forge, Halo Infinite will also be adding campaign co-op soon, with flighting for the mode scheduled for next month. Meanwhile, the long-rumoured battle royale mode is also allegedly launching later this year.

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