Hangar 13 Plans to Launch Top Spin 5 Before Mafia 4 – Rumour

top spin 4

Hangar 13 has had terrible luck as a studio, with a two-year window between the launch of Mafia 3 in 2016 and 2018 having seen the developer being hit with several rounds of layoffs. Though that stabilized a little bit in recent years, following the cancellation of its unannounced sci-fi open world game and a change in leadership, Hangar 13 recently ended up being hit with another big round of layoffs.

While nothing has been officially said about what the studio is working on now, leaks have claimed that it has two projects in the work- a new Mafia game that serves as a prequel, and a new instalment in the long-dormant Top Spin franchise. But which of the two is supposed to launch first?

In a recent report about the studio’s layoffs, Kotaku claimed that the plan is for Top Spin 5 to launch before Mafia 4 (or, you know, whatever else those two games end up being called). While Hangar 13 has often been involved in development support for other 2K titles (including on the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns most recently), according to Kotaku’s report, the developer is now going to be focused exclusively on its own two in-development titles.

Either way, it looks like both projects are in the early stages right now, so it’ll probably be a while before we hear anythihg concrete about either of them. Stay tuned until then for more updates.

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