Helldivers 2 Trailer Footage Gets Leaked Before Offical Announcement


Helldivers 2 is reportedly turning out to be real. Footage of a trailer for the unannounced game was leaked on Twitter. The leak featured 12 seconds of footage, but has unfortunately been taken down due to a copyright claim.

The studio behind Helldivers, Arrowhead Game Studios, is known for its work on games with top-down perspectives, such as Magicka, Gauntlet, and yes, Helldivers.

While the studio has been pretty quiet, back in 2020, it had stated that it was working on a new triple-A game featuring “innovative co-op”, and “agency for the community to alter the course of the game”.

The description is quite similar to the Galactic Campaign mode from the original Helldivers, which involved players conquering planets, gaining influence, and eventually fighting against the main antagonists.

Arrowhead Game Studio has also stated that it was in the process of expanding its staff, which likely helped in the development of this unnamed game.

Helldivers is currently available on PC, PS3, PS4, and PlayStation Vita.

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